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First the Check Engine light, then the VSC light about 5 seconds later. I went to your web page; nice work. Actually, not running precats in my RX , that should be very close to identical to headers. Lexus rx Check engine? Горит VSC Lexus ISD. VSC Система стабилизации движения. Lexus RX , Ошибка Р и Р Ремонт закончен.

Lexus RX Check Engine, VSC and TRAC OFF Lights. miamigrad Posts: 1. My Lexus RX had the VSC and check engine light come on today. I did just get the oil changed about miles ago, so I checked the hose behind the air filter and sure enough, it was disconnected. I reconnected it, then the lights didn't clear so I had to. Is you VSC light on by itself, or is it on with a Check Engine Light as well. If it is just the VSC light then you need a Zero-Point calibration. This is supposed to be only done at a toyota/lexus dealer. They take out the VSC computer and run their diagnostics program and reset and configure.

Купил RX USA, поездив 2 дня - загорелись VSC+CHEK, расстроился конечно, бывший хозяин сказал что в машине ни разу не. › forum.

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